Commercial Cleaning Services In Our Kitty

We at MCM-Clean offer expert services of cleaning and housekeeping. In our experience span that continues for more than a decade, we understand cleaning is a different ball game depending on the genre where it I being done. Commercial cleaning is very different from residential cleaning. This is because the nature of things that needs to be cleaned and maintained is very different in both the cases.

We understand that the commercial space owners who appoint us for commercial cleaning do so to facilitate a hygienic surrounding for their workers and employees and also maintain a beautiful and attractive façade for their clients and customers. We offer the following services of a commercial cleaning

Window Cleaning is one of the main services that we offer our commercial clients. Our experts offer specialized expertise in the outer cleaning of the buildings. We provide specialized services of outer glass and window glass cleaning.

Our experts offer flawless housekeeping services for our commercial clients and corporate customers.

We offer services of cleaning of electrical fittings and appliances such as light fittings fans and air conditioners.

We also take care o specialized cleaning of the kitchen and the pantry area. This will also include services of detection and attending to pest and insects related problems.

We offer pest control services in the other parts of the office.

We can also do various plumbing related services and provide specialized services of bathroom cleaning as well.

We at MCM-Clean understand that your office is the first face of your company or your brand. Maintaining its cleanliness not only adds to its attraction but also increases the work environment and ambiance for the employees and the workers of the company. This is why we offer nothing but the best in terms of the cleaning professionals, their equipment and machines and the cleaning agents and chemicals that they use.