Checklist for handover of the apartment

This is intended to serve as a tool for preparing the housing tax. Following our leaflet will allow you a quick and smooth handover of the apartment.


The apartment must be left absolutely clean or handed over.

Nails and other hangers, door posters, contact adhesives on Plättli as well as renter-spanned carpets must be carefully removed and disposed of (costs borne by the tenant). Especially when removing a fitted carpet pay attention to the proper reassembly of the baseboards. Wood residues

, synthetic resin and plastic coverings , ie doors, window frames, wall and kitchen cabinets as well as radiators and ceramic tiles must be washed off cleanly. Any cabinet or contact adhesive paper on trays must be removed completely.

Double-glazing on windows and balcony doors should be unscrewed and the glass cleaned on both sides (leave windows to dry open after cleaning).

Sealed parquet floors, linoleum, plastic, stone and slab floors must be treated with a synthetic cleaning agent.

Unsealed parquet floors must be cleaned with steel shavings and treated with a smudge wax or a self-shining emulsion.

Textile floor coverings must be thoroughly vacuumed and spotlessly extracted.

The stove is clean inside and outside clean; Any cooking residues in the cooking area and oven must be removed with a special detergent.

The sanitary appliances and fittings, ie bathtub, washbasin, toilet, boiler, gas water heater must be cleaned with a non-acid agent. Not to forget the cleaning of the cisterns (inside and outside) as well as the de-plugging of the water drains. Limescale deposits on enameled or glazed sanitary facilities as well as on all metal fittings should be carefully removed with a special descaling agent.

Blinds and shutters and Rafflamellen-blinds are clean on all sides clean.

Any pre-windows (winter windows) are to be mounted on the pull-out, if heating has already begun. If the heating season is completed when moving out, the apartment is to be handed over with hinged, all-round pre-windows.

Screed and basement compartments are cleared and cleaned; the windows are also to be cleaned. A possible Obsthurde is wash off.

Control, testing and replacement

Check the functionality of the following sanitary and electrical equipment: fridge, cooker (hobs and oven), dishwasher (dishwasher service provided by the supplier), steam extraction hood, bath and toilet exhaust systems, electric boiler and gas water heater.

Check switches, sockets, radiator valves, water taps, shower heads, drains, drawstrings and crank rods of blinds and shutters, cabinet hinges, door locks and door handles.

The filter mat as well as any active charcoal filters in the kitchen steam extraction hood must be replaced by the tenant at the handover of the apartment.

Proper maintenance of these items is the responsibility of the renter.


Check the completeness of all keys received on collection. Missing keys are charged to the tenant. If an original key (locking system number engraved on a key) of a security lock is missing, the lessor is entitled to replace the cylinder and the keys at the expense of the renter.


Please register your extract in good time:
– telephone office
– electricity works
– ev. Gaswerk
– residents’ control
– diversion post office to post office

Garages and parking spaces

Any rented garages and parking spaces are wiped and vacated. Oil stains must be removed at the expense of the renter.

Arrange in good time the time of your handover:

Maria Martins
Lättenstrasse 39
CH-8952 Schlieren
Natel 076 323 49 90