At MCM-Clean we provide some of the best quality house cleaning services to our clients. We aim to serve both residential property owners and commercial clients alike. The market has a large array of choices when it comes to companies offering house cleaning service. Does the question then arise that why you as a probable client will come to us? We will hereby list down some of the reasons that will encourage you to choose us over our competitors.

At MCM-Clean we understand that along with cleaning the different parts and elements of your property you also need to ensure its safety. This is why at MCM-Clean we use only the best quality cleaning products, agents, solutions, machines, and equipment.

Our staff are experienced and efficient. They are not just trained to offer professional cleaning services to any property but at the same time, they will patiently listen to all your inputs, information, instructions and requirements. You can share all your concerns and problems with our assigned staff and team and can be rest assured that they will chalk their cleaning plans and programs according to your customized requirements.

We as MCM-Clean our quality and standards or services are authenticated by quality seals and endorsements from some of the leading quality assurance authorities of Zurich. You can be assured of the quality that we will extend to you, our esteemed clients.

Our staff along with cleaning your property will also do a detailed inspection of your property. This is how you will get a clear picture of the state or the condition of your property. In case there is some part that requires immediate professional intervention, we can be helpful in pointing it out. Our experts can also give you helpful tips on how to maintain your property better and keep it away from damage.