Windows are links between your exterior and interior.  The proper first step towards a high-class house, apartment or any building maintenance is window cleaning. Of course, your well-maintained place demands professional touch.

Looking for some experts’ tricks for glass cleaning? Then you are on the right page.

MCM-Clean, a company that provides ‘A’ class home maintenance service including window cleaning. Here come some methods of their professional cleaning mechanism to provide info for how to clean windows like a pro.

Necessary Tools

Primary tools are necessary for any project. To  process a smooth glass cleaning you need fundamental tools like Microfiber cloth for detailed cleaning specially removing little dribbles, cleaning buckets for mixing water with glass cleaning detergent, steel wool, scouring pads and scrapers for stubborn marks, squeegee to remove and dry detergent mix from window and an applicator to apply the detergent mix to glasses. These tools make the whole process an easy but smart one.

Serial Procedure

To master the whole procedure just follow this simple steps serially

  1. Cover each square inch of the glass and scrub
  2. Clean a narrow space from top to bottom
  3. Across the glass pull the squeegee steadily
  4. Make a horizontal line and clean squeegee blade
  5. To remove excess water angle the squeeze
  6. Wipe blade and repeat
  7. Wipe extra water from edges of the glass


Prevention over Cure

Better to clean all windows monthly on a regular basis than onetime yearly service.  MCM-Clean group of cleaning company offers several service types including both monthly and annual cleaning. Moreover frequent repairing, rearrangement, and cleaning give glasses a stainless look with long-lasting quality. Periodical maintenance is also more budget-friendly than a single annual complete cleaning service.

Window cleaning is considered as one of the laborious jobs. Techniques of work vary depending on the season. Cleaning a glass in winter has an entirely different approach compared to any other season. This industry is stable and mature and increasing day by day with modern tools and technology. This business provides thousands of full-time, casual jobs and part-time for people across the country.  Zurich based cleaning company MCM-Clean offers professional glass cleaning service at a very reasonable price. You don’t need any second thought before booking your overall glass cleaning appointment with MCM-Clean. After all, windows are the outer reflections of your place’s inner beauty.